Book Allure goes to #BigBadWolfBooksPH

big bad wolf

Book sales are heaven on earth for bookworms. Check out if #BigBadWolfPH lived up to its hype and hear my thoughts on it!

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My Blogging Experience and Tips on How to Be an Effective Book Blogger

Given that I’ve been blogging about books for ~2 years (albeit inconsistently, but we’ll ignore that fact) it’s about time I write a post on how blogging has changed my life and made me find friends that love books just much as I do! I’ve seen many book bloggers post about their experiences and figured, why not add some of my own?!

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Hello there bookarees!! So many apologies for failing to post for HALF A YEAR. We honestly don’t know where the time went but rest assured we have continued reading! Kyra and I have been preoccupied with school and other matters but we will be posting again here (albeit slowly until we get back to a regular schedule)!

We hope you’ll stick with us this time.

We love you.


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