Less is More: Why I’m Only Setting 10 Books for My Goodreads Reading Challenge

Less is More

One of my 2019 reading resolutions is to read less books and here’s why.

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The Art of ARCs: Getting Over the Hype

The Art of ARCs

This is a post I never saw myself ever writing. Around this time last year, all I wanted was to get my hands on physical ARC copies and nothing more. Now as I write this, it’s funny because I recently just re-homed all of my physical ARC copies including some published books that I wouldn’t really cry over.

This post is dedicated to physical ARCs and how light you can feel once you’ve gotten over the hype.

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Discussion: Why ARCs Matter to International Bloggers

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.01.32 AM

I’ve been seeing a lot of drama regarding ARCs especially during BookExpo and BookCon, so I figured I would create a discussion post as to why ARCs are a big deal especially to international bloggers*

*By international bloggers, I’m referring to those who blog outside of the United States, specifically those who come from developing countries such as myself. Please take my context into consideration before making any judgments.

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