2019 Wrap-Up: The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between

2019 WRAP UP

Let’s see how we’ve fared through this tough and insane year in terms of books.

2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 4.23.12 PM

I made a few changes when it came to my reading goals for 2019 and all in all I’m very happy with the outcome of my Goodreads Reading Challenge!

I initially only wanted to set ten books as my challenge so I won’t feel pressured into picking up a book for the sake of adding another point to my reading challenge.

I’m proud of myself for having read nearly 50 books! That averages to about a book a week. Sweet.

Reading Stats

meta-chart .png

2019 was a year of so many new things for me (graduating college, traveling and living by myself for the summer, getting my first job, etc.) so I’m not surprised that I craved the familiar through rereads of my favs.


Because I was so picky about the books I picked up, I had a happier reading experience and the numbers show! Over half of the books I read (and reread) were rated five stars and the majority came at a close second of four-star ratings.

There were a few hiccups and unwanted reads but they make up less than a tenth of my entire reading roster so I’m not complaining!


Fantasy continues to reign supreme as my dominant genre but I made a point to branch out to other genres like nonfiction!

I still have a long way to go but having read four nonfiction books ranging from memoirs to self-help is more than I could have asked for.

Best Reads of 2019

From the newest releases to good old backlist, these are just some of the best reads of 2019.

I’m honest to God afraid of talking about them individually because I’ll never shut up about them!

Worst Reads of 2019

Many of these books didn’t even make it to my “Read” shelf and ended up being dumped into the “Did Not Finish” shelf because some of these were so frustratingly disappointing that I gave up trying to see if they could salvage the remaining pages.

While most of these books just didn’t seem like it was for me, there are a select few that were borderline problematic and made me question how they got even published in the first place.

Favorite Blog Posts

This book blog does more than book reviews. We enjoy brainstorming creative ideas for posts so here are some of our favorites that were posted throughout the year!

enemies to lovers

Our Valentine’s Day special came with the best of the enemies-to-lovers trope!

disney classics as books

Your childhood favorite Disney classics meet your latest passion for reading books. This post paired up the Disney movie all-stars to up and coming young adult books.

ya to adult

Find yourself growing up and changing genres? Same here.

Because I was so lost on what books to read while my interests are changing, I made a quick comparison post of adult versions of YA novels.


Last summer was a dream come true when I was admitted to the 2019 class of the Columbia Publishing Course. Not only was I able to attend an Ivy League university, I also traveled by myself to New York City–a lifelong dream of mine!

2020 Goals

With the new year coming in hot, there’s no better way to own it by… creating a to-do list!

2020 goals.png

Here’s to hoping that I get to accomplish these goals (because let’s be real, there are too many books to read with so little time!)

How was your 2019 reading progress? What are your goals for 2020? Sound off in the comments!

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3 Replies to “2019 Wrap-Up: The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between”

  1. Looks like you had a great year! Yay to so many 5-star reads! I haven’t gotten the chance to look at my end-of-year stats, but I’m still trying to squeeze in some more books before it ends lol. I’m having a baby soon, so I’m setting absolutely no goals for myself for blogging and reading until I figure out how that’s going to be. :p

    Liked by 1 person

  2. An awesome year! I haven’t looked at any of my stats yet (I’m waiting as long as possible) but I need to do it before I go on a trip in January!

    Liked by 1 person

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