Book Allure Turns 4!

book allure turns 4

My, my, how time flies! I can still remember thinking about starting a book blog, and here we are, four years strong! This post is dedicated to Book Allure’s recaps of the previous year which includes events, best reads, and friends made along the way. 🌸

Favorite Moments

The beauty of blogging–aside from all the books we read–are the people we get to meet. Looking back, we have attended many firsts and have experienced the love of the local bookish community.


IMG_2018-07-22 18:42:05

Though it was out first (and definitely not our last), #BookwormsUnitePH was an event close to our hearts. From the venue being our university’s library to meeting our favorite local bloggers, we were able to bond with people we never thought we would be able to! We came home with full hearts and even fuller bags of books. We are thankful to the organizers and we are looking forward to the event this year!

You can read our full experience here.


Book Twitter is wild and last year, a phenomenon called #BookishWish took the community by storm. It wasn’t long before the local scene caught up with its own hashtag #BookishWishPH. Essentially, it was a hashtag where bookworms could give away their unused books or even grant wishes for those who were able to. Book Allure had been one of the many lucky bookworms whose wishes were granted.

With all the love we felt, of course, we reciprocated. I was able to give away over 20 ARCs to those who really wanted it as well as some of my finished copies. My shelf got lighter, but my heart became fuller with love for the community.

August #BookishSecretTitas

PH Bookworms created a cute book exchange for bloggers who celebrated their birthdays in August. I was really surprised that Aimee @ AimeeAlways surprised me with a book I’ve been wanting for the longest time!

Big Bad Wolf PH

big bad wolf

We also experienced our first #BigBadWolfPH sale. Although the experience wasn’t as amazing as we thought it would be, it’s still something we’ll remember!

You can read our full experience here.

Favorite Reads

As we remember our amazing year, we also look back on amazing books we read. These are unforgettable books we read since Book Allure’s last blogoversary!

If you want to see the full list of favorite reads, I have an entire shelf on Goodreads dedicated to it. Feel free to add us as friends as well!


Our journey as book bloggers would not have gotten us this far without the trust our partners have given us. Penguin Random House and Macmillan Publishers sent us ARCs when our following was practically nonexistent and they keep to send us copies until today.

Image result for Penguin Random House

Image result for macmillan books

We are eternally grateful for you and we owe our success to the trust you give us.

What to Expect

Our fourth blogoversary has a special place in our hearts because Book Allure started just as we were starting our journey in college. This year, we are graduating. To see Book Allure grow just as we did has been a privilege and an honor.

As we head into our future, we promise to keep our love for books alive and to continue sharing our thoughts on this platform. We vow to ceaselessly search for books that resonate with our hearts, until we can no longer do so. We thank you guys for staying with us for four years.

This is Kyra and Nikki, bloggers of Book Allure.
Thank you so much for the past 4 years. We would not be here without you.

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