Less is More: Why I’m Only Setting 10 Books for My Goodreads Reading Challenge

Less is More

One of my 2019 reading resolutions is to read less books and here’s why.

Now you might be wondering, why would I want to read less books when there are so many great releases set for 2019? I’ve looked back on my previous reading challenges where I’ve read around 50-100 books in one year. This year I was able to read over 50 books. That averages to about one to two books per week, meaning there are more times when I am likely skimming rather than absorbing what I’m reading.


Looking at the numbers, I should be feeling triumphant because wow, I really read a lot. However, I actually feel sad because I don’t remember most of what I’ve read. I guess the Reading Challenge pressured me to finish my goal so much that I just read books for the sake of reading them rather than enjoying them. I would suffer through subpar titles because I would think that I need to finish this book to add to my challenge.

My sadness only intensifies when I try to think of books that I really liked throughout the year. Out of the eighty something books I’ve read, I would say I only liked around…. eight? That makes up less than 10% of the books I’ve read throughout the entire year. That’s a sad revelation.

Now that I’m getting older and having to juggle more on my plate (I’m set to graduate college in 2019, which means I’ll be off to working a job soon!) I can’t afford to waste my time reading books that do not meet my expectations or entertain me enough to keep me reading with so much effort on my part. You can say that I’m a demanding reader, but after reading over 400 books in a few years, you develop a certain taste and most definitely not all authors will be a good fit.

Because of that, I’m only setting 10 books for my 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge.


I’m slowly learning to prioritize quality over quantity. I wouldn’t mind reading five really good titles that I can’t stop thinking about rather than read 50 books that are average at best. Less is more.

For 2019, I’ll be opening books with high standards and no mercy.

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What are your 2019 reading resolutions? How many books are you putting for your Goodreads Reading Challenge? Comment them below!


9 Replies to “Less is More: Why I’m Only Setting 10 Books for My Goodreads Reading Challenge”

  1. My reading goal has decreased over the years as well. I think it can be hard sometimes (especially in this community) when you see so many people reading a TON of books to feel like you need to “keep up”. But I think it’s important to take your reading life into your own hands and make sure that it’s working for YOU.

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  2. YESSS.
    “…after reading over 400 books in a few years, you develop a certain taste and most definitely not all authors will be a good fit.”

    I haven’t read as much in the past couple years, but even then my taste has become more specific because in the last two years alone I’ve read some pretty lack luster books because I chased the hype. I have about 12 top books I read in 2018 and if I could wind back time to only read those 12, I would. That being said, I set my goal this year to only 30 just so I don’t pressure myself. I definitely want a higher quality reading experience in 2019. Great post!

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  3. Good on you for knowing yourself enough to know that you need to lower your reading goal. There’s such a toxic expectation that as bookworms we have to read TONS of books or else we’ve failed, and that’s just not possible. And thank you for posting this, because it’s a good way to end this sort of “elitism”, for lack of a better term, about who can read the most. Happy reading!

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    1. Thank you! I know what you mean about the “elitism” so to speak on the amount of books to read. It wears you down at some point 😦 I just want to read my books in peace


  4. I actually think this is a great idea, I sometimes feel like I am pressuring myself to read too many books too quickly, usually because of blog tours that I’ve signed up for that I’ve forgotten about, but I’ve tried to cut down on that for this year. I think you are so right though there are some books from last year that I can’t remember anything about and that is quite sad.

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  5. My reading goals increased this year because I graduated college last year. Although I’m set to begin graduate school in April so I doubt I will even reach my goal this year! I like the idea of quality over quantity too. If a book isnt meeting my expectations I have absolutely learned to dnf it. I want to read books I like, books that I’ll remember.

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  6. Definitely understand where you’re coming from! Quality is way more important than quantity, and if you have less time to read you don’t want to waste your time on meh books just to reach your Goodreads goal. I usually keep reading meh books, but not because I want it to count towards my challenge, but because I usually am at least a little bit curious to see what happens, so I just start skimming.
    I set my goal to 50 instead of 100 like I did the last few years, since I don’t want to pressure myself, but I might change it if I meet the goal early 🙂 Good luck, hopefully your year will be filled with amazing books! ❤️

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