Mini-Review Series #2

mini reviews 2

Thought you’d seen the last of me? Well, I’m back with more mini-reviews! Here are some books I was able to read in the middle of uni, but I will only be giving brief reviews due to time constraints 😦

vengefulVengeful (Villains #2) by V.E. Schwab

Published in September 25, 2018
5 stars

The Book Depository | Amazon

One of my most anticipated releases of 2018 and Schwab did not fail to deliver greatness in all its glory. We journey through a detailed flashback of multiple characters that will cross paths at the climax and we find out the fate of sworn enemies Victor Vale and Eli Ever.

I was blown away by the construction of this storyline given the rather confusing linearity of time. I had no trouble following what was happening even if there were multiple perspectives and stories to follow. Is there a chance we can get more from this story? Pretty please?

the toweringThe Towering Sky (The Thousandth Floor #3) by Katharine McGee

Published in August 28, 2018
3 stars

The Book Depository | Amazon

The finale of the high-tech series that really takes us back to the days of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Granted, I was never an avid follow of either shows but I did have fun with this series.

I must say that I’m glad this series has come to an end because a girl can only take so much drama before getting sick of it. I was nearing my limit of drama just when the series came to a close and I was glad that I never fully got tired of the storylines of each character. I recommend reading this if you’re looking for some socialite drama and can’t be bothered to create your own.

Have you read these books? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Apologies for having been busy the past few months but rest assured we are still reading and coming up with amazing content to share with you guys!


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