We Regret to Inform You

We Regret to Inform YouWe Regret to Inform You. Ariel Kaplan. Young adult/Contemporary. 2018. 352 pages. 4 stars.

The thing no one tells you about hitting bottom is that you don’t actually know when it happens.

I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Mischa Abramavicius is a walking, talking, top-scoring, perfectly well-rounded college application in human form. So when she’s rejected not only by the Ivies, but her loathsome safety school, she is shocked and devastated. All the sacrifices her mother made to send her to prep school, the late nights cramming for tests, the blatantly resume-padding extracurriculars (read: Students for Sober Driving) … all that for nothing.

As Mischa grapples with the prospect of an increasingly uncertain future, she questions how this could have happened in the first place. Is it possible that her transcript was hacked? With the help of her best friend and sometimes crush, Nate, and a group of eccentric techies known as “The Ophelia Syndicate,” Mischa launches an investigation that will shake the quiet community of Blanchard Prep to its stately brick foundations.


“It’s not desperate,” he said, “to make yourself happy.”

Finally, a contemporary I did not DNF! I’ve been super skeptical with contemporary books due to the fact that I haven’t genuinely liked one in a long time. Although We Regret to Inform You is technically also a mystery, I classify it more as a coming of age contemporary story because the mystery aspect was only minor (but super exciting!)

We read the story of Mischa, an overachiever at the top of her class, who gets into 0 colleges she applied to. That’s right. Zero. Nada. None. Even her “safety school” rejected her and it’s safe to say that it’s definitely odd for a topnotcher’s college applications to be rejected. There can only be one answer: sabotage.

On top of figuring out who might be behind this, Mischa is also trying to figure out where she’s going to go and what she’s gonna do in the meantime. Her mom is expecting a college for her daughter to go to. Her friends are asking where she got accepted. Mischa herself is questioning her identity since her entire high school life has been all about getting into a good college.

I like the realistic tone of the story, the kind of existential crisis a high school senior goes through when college admission are released. It brought me back to the days when I applied for college. Even if it was 4 years ago, I remember the experience alongside reading the story of Mischa. I’m under the assumption that I’ve outgrown high school stories (see: Wrong in All the Right Ways), but I would make an exception for this one! I really liked it and I was pleasantly surprised. 4 stars!

*My copy was provided by #bookwormsuniteph! It was one of the free books I got in my registration kit.

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