Mini-Review Series #1

bookallure mini reviews

Mini-Reviews is something I’ll start doing on this blog because I read these books but never got the chance to review them. Reasons may vary from pressed time to incoherent thoughts (at the time). It will include buy links and a brief paragraph on why I like or dislike these books.

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We Regret to Inform You

We Regret to Inform YouWe Regret to Inform You. Ariel Kaplan. Young adult/Contemporary. 2018. 352 pages. 4 stars.

The thing no one tells you about hitting bottom is that you don’t actually know when it happens.

I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy in exchange for an honest review.

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The Art of ARCs: Getting Over the Hype

The Art of ARCs

This is a post I never saw myself ever writing. Around this time last year, all I wanted was to get my hands on physical ARC copies and nothing more. Now as I write this, it’s funny because I recently just re-homed all of my physical ARC copies including some published books that I wouldn’t really cry over.

This post is dedicated to physical ARCs and how light you can feel once you’ve gotten over the hype.

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