Avengers: Infinity War Book Tag


Given the hype this movie rightfully deserves, I’m dedicating an entire post to Avengers: Infinity War for a book tag! The theme song is playing while I’m making this post. Lovely!

Iron Man/Tony Stark
a book featuring a genius 22299763

Kaz has always been one step ahead, and I think he rightfully deserves the award of being compared to Tony Stark.

Captain America/Steve Rogers
a living legend who kinda lives up to the legend (a very popular author)34076952

I have been reading every book of Leigh Bardugo and have yet to be disappointed–I don’t think I ever will. Her writing is amazing!

demi-god character

Achilles, because who else?!

Black Widow/Natasha Romanov
a female master assassin


Odessa was a really skilled necromancer, and I guess slaying the already dead still counts?

Hawkeye/Clint Barton
a male master assassin

I can’t recall any book that tackles a male assassin so I’ll have to pass!

Hulk/Bruce Banner
a character with breathtaking anger management issues16096824

C’mon Tamlin. Get your act together so we can finally work on your redemption arc!!!!

Spiderman/Peter Parker
a character you just want to protect because they’re so sweet29939048

Rora is a character I would protect at all costs because she just wants to belong!!!!!

Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange
a book filled with strange magic


I was never the biggest fan of this book, but the title fits!

a character with a heartbreaking back story32505753

Theodosia’s backstory really makes me sympathize with her struggles in this book. It’s written so beautifully that we feel conflicted along with her.

a book featuring an small animal with big personality30312860

I’m kinda cheating because the “animal” I’m putting here is Kitty… who isn’t an actual kitty but is Lara Jean’s sister… But I’m counting it…

a character who’s a bit of comic relief in a serious book34992929

Kenji will never fail to lighten up the room whenever everything is going badly. He is my go-to man for comic relief.

Bucky Barnes
a character who is seen as a villain by some, but really isn’t 16096824

I SAID IT ONCE AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN! TAMLIN! IS! NOT! THE! VILLAIN! I even have an entire blog post dedicated as to why Tamlin is really just a misunderstood character who did a lot of dumb stuff.

Scarlett Witch
an incredibly powerful character you wouldn’t mess with33958230

By the end of the book I was actually terrified of Xifeng………….. no joke

a character you never know who’s side they’re on26032825

Cardan??????? I’m so scared for the sequel because I don’t want him to become the villain 😦

a villain who killed a character you loved, and you can never forgive them for it

Dividing Eden (Dividing Eden, #1)

If you’ve read the book then you know who I’m talking about! To avoid spoilers, I won’t be name dropping 😉

I am tagging everybody who feels personally victimized by the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. This post is for you.

6 Replies to “Avengers: Infinity War Book Tag”

  1. Yayyy, seems like a fun tag and I’d be doing this soon too! I sooo agree with Xifeng and I enjoyed reading your answers! 😊


  2. This is a fun tag and I loved reading your answers! I totally agree with you on Kaz, Leigh Bardugo, Rora, Kenji and Tamlin. I don’t know why there’s so much hate on Tamlin! I agree he did some shitty stuff but it doesn’t mean he’s a villain. He definitely deserves a happily ever after.

    Liked by 1 person

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