The 90s Kid Book Tag

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 11.47.41 AMWith 90’s trend happening right now, it’s about time that it finally made its way to the book world! While I wasn’t raised in the 90s, I thought that this book tag was really interesting. This book tag was made by The Literary Phoenix, so don’t forget to mention them if you do this too!

POKEMON – The author you need every book from

A GBA game and trading card game where you battled pocket monsters and strived to catch them all.  Back in the day, there were only 150 Pokemon.

 Though Kasie West’s novels aren’t 5 star reads for me, they never fail to lift up my spirits! I find myself wanting to read more and more of her books!!!

AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) – The book that connected you with your best friend

How 90s kids communicated with their friends after school before everyone had a cell phone.

I’m pretty sure that the series that we bonded over the most is the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes!!! tbh though Nikki and I bonded over many books, hence our baby, Book Allure ❤

FURBY – A book that seemed like a good idea but was actually a monster

Creepy needy robots you could teach to talk and were probably demon possessed.  Somehow these made a comeback? 


Necromancers??!? A sorceress in training??!?!?! I really thought that this book would be my cup of tea, but alas, the execution of this wonderful concept was just not handled well 😦

NSYNC – A book you hated to say Bye, Bye, Bye to

90s quintessential boy band.  You may have heard of Justin Timberlake? 


I did NOT want to say bye to this book at all. I know that it’s only the first book in a new series, but I read this right when it came out. I really don’t wanna wait another year for the next book yo 😦

Oregon Trail –  A book that made you wish you died of dysentry

90s computer game you could usually play at school, which was great.  It taught us people used to die a lot of gruesome, messy deaths.

99 days

I know that hate is a strong word, but I really hate this book.

Mixtape/CD – 3 books you recommend to anyone, anywhere, no matter what

Back before everyone had music on their phones (remember, we didn’t have cell phones!) folks would rip their CDs and make mixes for each other. 

These are some of my favorite books and I really hope that more people read them!! Nothing but love ❤

Dial-up internet – A book that took forever to read



It took me a really long time to read Heartless, and I think it’s because of the really long descriptions. Sadly, I didn’t really enjoy this book also 😦

Kenan Thompson – That book you see referenced everywhere and is in everything, but that’s okay because it’s awesome.

He’s that guy who’s been on SNL forever.  Also Mighty Ducks.  Good Burger.  Keenan and Kel.  All That.  Everything. 

red queen

This book is everywhere, but I have no problem with that at all!!!!

Thumbs Up, Seven, Up – Book where you peeked just REAL quick at the ending because you don’t like guessing games.

A game where most the class closed their eyes and seven people tapped someone’s thumb and you had to guess who did it without peeking.


Not to be dramatic but, my biggest regret in life is peeking at the end of Clockwork Princess.

Dunkaroos – Your ideal bookish snack

These were basically just Teddy Grahams dipped in frosting, which is still a wonderful snack idea. 


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – A book that kept you up all night.

Collections of short stories that would scare any sensible kid!  Plus, there were illustrations… 


I stayed up past my bedtime just to finish this….last night……oops

Bill Nye the Science Guy – A book that taught you something new

Basically the coolest thing you got to do in science class was watch Bill Nye.  He has a Netflix show again!


Divergent didn’t; really teach me anything new per say, but it reminded me of some of the important values I hold in life, and I really appreciate that.

And that was it!! That was that the 90’s Kid Book Tag!! I really hope that you enjoyed this, and please feel free to do this as well if you are interested. 🙂

Happy reading!!




2 Replies to “The 90s Kid Book Tag”

  1. Oh my god this tag is my life. Dunkaroos? SEVEN UP (where anyone who didn’t cheat is a liarrrrrr) and dial up internet omgggg.

    Happy to hear you enjoyed To Kill a Kingdom — I think every single person I know who’s read it also stayed up past their usual sleep time to finish it!

    Liked by 1 person

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