The Empress (The Diabolic #2)

33652251The Diabolic. SJ Kincaid. Fantasy/Young adult/Sci fi. 2017. 320 pages. 5 stars.

Tyrus is a Domitrian, and the only strength of a Domitrian lies in the command of the Imperial Scepter–and all the machines it will control in his name. Without it? He is no Emperor. He is merely a boy in love with the wrong girl.

I received an Advance Reader’s Copy in exchange for an honest review.


It’s a new day in the Empire. Tyrus has ascended to the throne with Nemesis by his side and now they can find a new way forward—one where they don’t have to hide or scheme or kill. One where creatures like Nemesis will be given worth and recognition, where science and information can be shared with everyone and not just the elite.

But having power isn’t the same thing as keeping it, and change isn’t always welcome. The ruling class, the Grandiloquy, has held control over planets and systems for centuries—and they are plotting to stop this teenage Emperor and Nemesis, who is considered nothing more than a creature and certainly not worthy of being Empress.

Nemesis will protect Tyrus at any cost. He is the love of her life, and they are partners in this new beginning. But she cannot protect him by being the killing machine she once was. She will have to prove the humanity that she’s found inside herself to the whole Empire—or she and Tyrus may lose more than just the throne. But if proving her humanity means that she and Tyrus must do inhuman things, is the fight worth the cost of winning it?


This universe was so cruel.
What a fool I’d been to forget it.


Honestly, I have to commend SJ Kincaid for being able to manipulate my emotions time and again in this book alone. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I had no idea what to feel while I reading it. I felt all the emotions–joy, sadness, anger, shock, dread, excitement, betrayal, you name it. I felt them all. And that speaks volumes of Kincaid’s talent as a writer.

If you briefly forgot what happened in Book 1, you don’t have to reread it to understand Book 2. There are brief explanations within this book that recap what happened in The Diabolic, so now you have no reason to not read this book! Please pick it up. You simply have to see the genius of The Empress.

For a sci-fi book, I was mildly surprised at how comical some scenes were. I literally cackled out loud at some lines delivered by the characters.

“I am not making up the Theory of Relativity!” The Interdict roared. “I am not Albert Einstein. Are you telling me that you, Tyrus–the Emperor–do not know the basic laws of physics? You were totally unaware of the basic laws of physics?”

I know it may seem unfunny sans context, but I promise you’ll understand that hilariousness of this line once you read this book.

I’d like to point out that the synopsis is a bit misleading, because the actual story seemed too far from what it prepared us for. Sometimes the plot may seem too all over the place, but it’s all reconciled in the end and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I don’t know how I survived that rollercoaster of a story but once I finished it, my only reaction was pure shock and feeling of sublimity.

Since then, I have come to the conclusion that the main theme of this book is this: Men ain’t shit. Don’t trust any of them.

Pure genius written by SJ Kincaid. I have nothing else to say. This deserves all the stars in the Empire. I can’t believe I have to wait a year for Book 3.

The Empress is set to be released on 31 October 2017.

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