They Deserved Better™: Tamlin

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I feel like everyone is rooting for Rhysand after what Tamlin did to Feyre in A Court of Mist and Fury, but let me take a few moments to explain why Tamlin Deserved Better™.

Warning: major spoilers

Let’s start with the complete character assassination that ruined Tamlin courtesy of Feyre.

We read the entire ACOTAR series from Feyre’s point of view, so we get her narrative and we see things the way she did. I’m not saying she’s a flawed character or an unreliable narrator or anything, but all I’m tryna point out is that we are biased to her because, duh, Feyre is the chosen viewpoint. However, Feyre’s dislike–hatred?–toward Tamlin were valid and here’s why.

Things Tamlin did to make Feyre hate him:

  • Treated her like a child needing protection
  • Refused to let her train her new powers in fear of other High Lords finding out
  • Locked her up in that damn manor
  • Assumed that sex will heal all of the psychological trauma
  • Ignored her cries for help, no matter how subtle
  • Trusted Ianthe the stupid bitch over her
  • Made her look like the bad person (which in his own narrative, she was. I’ll get back to that later)
  • Slandered her in front of other High Lords to rile up Rhysand. Seriously, that was a low blow, Tam.


What Tamlin did to Feyre was pretty bad, but we are so quick to hate on him that we forget that he also did good things for Feyre.

Things Tamlin did in Book 1 that Feyre seemed to have forgotten:

  • He saved her from the naga (or was it the Bogge?) when Lucien didn’t.
  • He told her to stay at the manor during Calanmai because Tamlin knew what he was going to become and wanted to spare Feyre from it.
  • He glamoured her to protect her from Rhysand.
  • Tamlin saved Feyre’s sisters from poverty once she was taken over the wall
  • He protected her from Amarantha. Seriously did she magically forget that he sent her back to the mortal lands so that Amarantha wouldn’t find and torture her even if it meant Tamlin dooming all of Prythian????? Lol??????
  • During Under the Mountain, Tamlin deliberately refused to show any emotion towards Feyre with Amarantha around because he didn’t want Amarantha knowing just how much she meant to him.

Y’all that was just for the first book I still have receipts from the second and third book.

Things Tamlin did in Book 2 that Feyre seemed to have forgotten AGAIN:

  • He sought out Helion (without Feyre’s knowledge) to break the bargain bond between Feyre and Rhysand, even if he knew that interfering with it would have deathly consequences.
  • He would buy her paint and brushes because as far as he knew, Feyre was still passionate about it.
  • He refused to participate in Calanmai because he couldn’t bear sleeping with anyone else.
  • He loved Feyre so much that he made a bargain with Hybern–the enemy–to get her back because he thought that Rhysand was using his powers to manipulate her. And even then he was making the most of it and used his closeness to Hybern to spy on him and his plans.

Things Tamlin did in Book 3 that Feyre seemed to have forgotten for the last time:

  • He blew his cover to Hybern when he helped her escape the war camp when retrieving Elain.
  • He sent a wind of spring when he realized that Feyre couldn’t take to the skies with her untrained wings.
  • He brought his remaining forces to assist them during the war.
  • Even dragged Beron and his armies to help, too.
  • He gave a fraction of his power to revive Rhysand because even if he wanted Rhysand dead, he still loved Feyre enough to let her have her happiness back.

I’m not saying that his good actions cancel out the bad ones, but I think Tamlin got a lot of unnecessary hatred. If we try to look at it from his perspective, we’d understand why he (re)acted the way he did.

Things Feyre did that made Tamlin react the way he did:

  • Tamlin felt like Feyre was cheating on him after spending one week with Rhysand when the bargain was called while they were engaged before she left him for good.
  • Feyre made it look like Lucien was lusting for her.
  • And after that, Feyre stole his dear friend, Lucien, and brought him to the Night Court where he decided to stay.
  • Feyre destroyed his sentinels’ trust for Tamlin. He lost his army, leaving his people and court defenseless.
  • She left his borders unprotected that allowed Hybern to dock their ships and use the Spring court, his home, as its base.
  • Feyre would undermine him in public, in front of his people. After Amarantha, Tamlin was set on putting on a strong front and Feyre ignored him.
  • Tamlin got hurt that Feyre assumed he would side with Hybern that quickly just to get her back. It was like a slap to his face.
  • He felt like Feyre was only using him for his powers because when Tamlin said that there were no High Ladies (back in book 2) and then she later became High Lady of the Night Court, he started questioning whether Feyre truly loved him or his powers.


Tamlin, for all the horrible things he did and mistakes he made, is actually a good guy and had good intentions. He lost the love of his life Feyre, his dear friend Lucien, and his sentinels. The other High Lords don’t trust him or even like him. The Spring Court was probably left in shambles. His people are scattered because of the emergency evacuation he had to make to save them. And he feels like he’s completely alone and fucked over.

I really feel like he deserves his happy ending after being thrown under the bus like that.


I still love Rhysand, Feyre, and all of the Night Court cast. I just felt like sharing some of my love to Tamlin, the fallen High Lord.

Also, I was recently reminded that the entire ACOTAR series is an adaptation of Beauty & the Beast. I always thought that it was only book 1. With that in mind, it just dawned on me that Tamlin was not the beast… but Rhysand. And Tamlin was Gaston.

This was literally me when I found out. Shookt to the core.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! I feel like there are people who also feel the same way.

“The issue isn’t whether he loved you, it’s how much. Too much. Love can be a poison.”


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