Reading Progress: A Darker Shade of Magic


A new kind of post you can expect in this blog is our updates on our currently reading! It’s a kind of post where we can express our current thoughts on the book, if we’re zooming through it or not really feeling it, some sentiments regarding the plot, etc! Note that these will be short posts that are spoiler free and are subject to change upon our final review.

22055262Right now I’m reading A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, and actually, the cover I have is the older version (the new one is way more aesthetically pleasing to be honest.) I marked this are currently reading for quite a while now. I’ve been gradually reading it for 2 weeks and I’m still not yet done. Right now I’m around 80% done and it’s so sad that I haven’t latched on yet. Sometimes I get so lazy to read it and I’m only half into the story. The reviews on this series is great so I hope I don’t end up feeling bad that I didn’t see it the way most people have. Hopefully I’ll be done with this one in a few days since King’s Cage is gonna be released this week!!!!!!!

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