Character Face Claims


I [Nikki] have been getting questions asking who I picture [insert character name here] as. I finally decided to make a post about it instead!

1. Dane Dehaan as Aaron Warner Anderson

Warner has been known to be a fashionable actually-not-the-antagonist character. I feel like Dane Dehaan is the perfect visual to play as him!

2. Steven Strait [specifically as Caleb Danvers from The Covenant] as Patch Cipriano


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Steven Strait (or Caleb Danvers from the movie The Covenant) gave the perfect aura as Patch when I read Hush Hush for the first time. The Covenant was a paranormal movie and a lot of scenes from the movie can be easily imagined as something that came out of Fitzpatrick’s series!

Rixon and Patch ready to face off
Patch at the Delphic
Patch at Bo’s Arcade

I could show you soooooo many more but I’m sure I’ve proven my case.

3. Gabriella Wilde [specifically as Constance Bonacieux from Three Musketeers] as Cleo Bellos 


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Gabriella already has the perfect look to be Cleo but this gif just makes it even more perfect with the gown and the overall ambiance!

4. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Oliver and Kady respectively

I will fight you to the death if you try to say otherwise.

5. Nathalie Emmanuel [specifically as Missandei from Game of Thrones] as Princess Winter Blackburn

I’ve shown this to Kyra and she agrees with me!! Can I get a hell yeah!!!!!!!

Here we have Princess Selene and Princess Winter joining forces to take down Queen Levana

6. Lucas Till as John Ambrose McClaren


John when Lara chose Peter K

Sadly, that’s all I could remember/think of right now. If I come up with more I’ll update this post and bump it up!

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