Book Boyfriends

Top 10 tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish, and as you can see from the title above, we’re doing book boyfriends!

There are just too many to choose from, so we’re each going to give our top ten.

*Photo credits to their rightful owners


There is an order here, but I love them all.

1. William Herondale

angel william

If you follow me on Twitter, this should be obvious. He’s a badass Victorian demon killer with a big love for books and poetry and an even bigger capacity to love. #willyra

2. Peter Kavinsky

to all the boys  peter k

This should also be obvious if you follow me on Twitter. Check out our debate if you want to see why I love Peter K so much! #kyvinsky

3. Jem Carstairs

prince jem

William may be #1, but Jem also has a place on this list. He receives the Sweetest Boyfriend Award. Oh yeah, he plays the violin. #jyra

4. Prince Kai

cinder Kaito_Portrait

I don’t even know why I like him so much. I just do. #kaira (BEST SHIP NAME EVAR)

5. Dorian Havilliard

Throne-of-glass-cover dorian

He’s this cute, book-loving guy. Oh, did I mention that he’s a PRINCE? #kyrian

6. Cricket Bell

lola-and-the-boy-next-door cricket bell

He’s a reaaaally smart, lanky, and cute inventor who just says all the right things. #crickyra

7. Paul Markov

thousand pices paul markov

Oh, golubka ❤ #kaul (?) #pyra (????)

8. Khalid

wrath TheWrathandTheDawnCollage-1024x1024

He just says all the right words: “My soul sees its equal in you.” #kylid

9. Captain Thorne

cresss Carswell_Thorne_Full_Body_Shot

He’s funny and adorable and perfect ❤ #korne

10. Tarver Merendsen

these broken stars tarver

When he falls for someone, he falls hard. He is beautiful. #kyver

Forgive me but I just had to.

lucky blue



Only #1 is in the right order, everyone else just made me go sflkjsldflkasdfjl

1. Patch Cipriano

Hush,hush patch swear

Of course he’s the first person I’m putting because he’s Patch. Owner of my heart and love of my life.

2. Aaron Warner

ignite me warner

Chapter 55 Chapter 55 Chapter 55 Chapter 55 C h a p t e r  5 5!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Patrick

tchoyam patrick

Who knew you’d be so important in my life? You made me cry a lot but it’s okay I still love you.

4. John Ambrose McClaren

p-s-i-still-love-you-9781442426733_hr john ambrose

You didn’t think I’d leave him out, did you?

5. Owen Mason Gentry

confess omg

OMG, as a self-proclaimed art hoe, Owen Mason Gentry has captured my heart and taken it with him

6. [Lieutenant] Paul Markov

thousand pices paul final

As you’ve seen in the book review, I’m a big fan of this wonderful human being.

7. Marcus Valerius Lux

cruel beauty marcus valerius lux

wHy MUsT yOu Be SO BeAUtIfUL

8. Armand

crimson bound armand

You have managed to steal my heart even if you have no hands how the heck do you do that

9. Erec d’Anjou

crimson bound erec wtf

It’s a very difficult struggle when you’re in love with the two men in the same love triangle. Ha ha ha. Nice one universe!!! Have mercy.

10. Oliver

statistical anderweljk

Oliver is British and has green eyes and I’m sure all y’all are wondering why I’m not picturing him as Harry Styles?! Well folks, this is why


In this world they are known as Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield aka Stonefield but in the world of statistical probabilities, let me introduce to you, Hadley and Oliver. God bless all who read this book.

We’d love to see who your book boyfriends/girlfriends are in the comments!

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