#McCovey vs #Coveynsky

Hello there booklings. Tonight we’re going to witness this blog’s authors, Kyra and Nikki, battle it out (with words, mind you) to see which couple deservingly belongs together despite its ending.

On one side we have team #Coveynsky represented by Kyra, and team #McCovey on the other represented by Nikki. The ladies will be asked a series of questions and they will answer to the best of their abilities. They may provide proof by quoting the book. The verdict of the audience will be the deciding factor.

Let the debate begin.

*Please note that there will be spoilers for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You.

QUESTION 1: Why are you siding with the team you’re on?

K: PETER KAVINSKY ALL THE WAY. He’s thoughtful, loving, a good friend, and he cares for both his girlfriend and her family. Peter Kavinsky rode to Lara Jean’s house in his convertible and surprised Kitty with flowers on her birthday.

“‘You’re my only girl today, kid,’ Peter says and Kitty runs to him and snatches the flowers out of his hand. Gallantly, he opens the door for her. He shuts it and turns and winks at me. ‘Don’t be jealous, Covey.’

I’ve never liked him more than in this moment.”

May I also remind you that Peter got Lara Jean a $400 necklace for Valentines Day. May I also remind you of all the sweet things Peter Kavinsky has done in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Don’t you forget that!

N: Hey Kyra I think you forgot the part where Peter asked for the necklace back after they broke up 🙂 🙂 🙂

How can you not side with John Ambrose McClaren? He’s sweet, funny, very caring, and obviously doesn’t hang with his ex behind his girlfriend’s back when he knows she’s insecure about it as seen in Chapter 35, page 202 AND Chapter 38, page 225 quoted respectively below.. *cough cough*

“They [Peter and Genevieve] came here together. He was with her and he never said a word to me about it…”

“Kavinsky,” Chris says, “I haven’t been able to get him because he’s always with fucking Gen…”

QUESTION 2: Don’t you agree with the book ending? Are you not satisfied with the author’s writing?

K: “‘Let’s do it fucking for real, Lara Jean. Let’s go all in. No more contract. No more safety net…’

‘…this is the night we became real.'”

Obviously, I agree with the ending. Why? Because they are both going all in. They both know each other, and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this before, but fighting can be healthy in a relationship. They are in a healthier and more mature relationship now.

“You gave me my first love store, Peter. Please don’t let it be over yet.”

Don’t you worry Lara Jean, your story with Peter will never end. It’s only beginning.

N: Just because the book ended, doesn’t mean the story has!! Jenny Han ended P.S. I Still Love You in a very vague way. Consequently, what’s the guarantee Peter K and Lara Jean will stay together forever? Diba nga walang forever? (There’s no such thing as forever, right?)

QUESTION 3: Which part in the book made you believe your team is “the chosen one”?

K: Every Peter scene from both books made me believe that he was the “chosen one,” but read this line please:

“You can break my heart. Do whatever you want with it.” -Peter to Lara Jean

N: Chapter 24, page 329. That’s all I have to say.

“And then John Ambrose McClaren says one last thing that makes my heart swell. “I don’t think it was our time then. I guess it isn’t now, either.” John looks over at me, his gaze steady. “But one day maybe it will be.”

QUESTION 4: Why aren’t you siding with the other team?

K: Why route for someone else when you have Peter Kavinsky? Plus, remember when John Ambrose McClaren was too chicken to ask Lara Jean to the 8th grade formal because of her dad?

ALSO, we only got to see John’s good side. We didn’t get to see his flaws in the book. Don’t tell me that John has no flaws, because everybody has them. John could be a horrible person once you get close to him! (He could be a pervert, a meninist, a cheater, etc. WE. DON’T. KNOW.)

N: OKAY can I just say I can’t believe you called John Ambrose McClaren a possible-meninist because this book was full of feminist talk!!

But back to the topic, it could be the fact that Peter Kavinksy lied (stated above), basically committed first-degree cheating (also stated above), and subtly gave himself credit for a poem he plagiarized (Chapter 25, page 143). I don’t know. Could be a lot of things.

CONCLUSION: What do you have to say to our readers before they decide?

K: There is a reason why Jenny Han, who is basically Lara Jean’s MOTHER, chose Peter as endgame.


N: Idk man John Ambrose McClaren is the real deal.

There we have it folks. A review about the famous duology will be posted shortly. While waiting, kindly vote for your favorite team below on our poll!

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