“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
― Jorge Luis Borges



A blog created by two best friends back in May 2015 that started from a simple text message, Book Allure is dedicated to reviewing books under the genres of YA.

Kyra and Nikki came to a decision to the blog name due to the interesting nature books provide once readers fully immerse themselves in it. Book Allure aims to show its readers that there can never be a dull day if you keep a good book in hand.

Posts are published weekly!

What We Do

Book Reviews

Books from authors, agents, and publishers may be reviewed upon request and posted on the blog.

Beta Reading

Need a second opinion on your unpublished manuscript? Book Allure is currently offering beta reading services with many options to choose from.

ARC/Blog Tours

We participate in ARC/blog tours around the Philippines.



Fire & Heist

Fire & Heist. Sarah Beth Durst. Young adult/Fantasy. 304 pages. 2018. 2 stars. Gold. Symbol Au. Atomic number 79. Dictionary definition: “a yellow malleable ductile metallic element.” You could say my family was obsessed with it. I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy in exchange for an honest review.

Mini-Review Series #2

Thought you’d seen the last of me? Well, I’m back with more mini-reviews! Here are some books I was able to read in the middle of uni, but I will only be giving brief reviews due to time constraints 😦